About Us


Welcome to Envenio

Envenio was incorporated in response to a significant shift in computer hardware design toward low-cost, powerful computing architectures. These new devices house thousands of processors and enable engineers to significantly expand the scope of scientific computation.

The founders of Envenio use computational tools every day in one of the most demanding applications – Computational Fluid Dynamics. CFD is used in many industries, from automobile, aircraft and cruise ship design, to wind farm and ocean energy feasibility, to sail-racing yacht prototyping.

It was apparent that the hardware trends were creating an opportunity for a business that would serve industry needs for more rapid, higher accuracy engineering and scientific computer simulations – a company that would aid them in transitioning from hardware architectures of the past.

Envenio develops cost-effective, efficient Computational Fluid Dynamics solutions for industrial users and CFD service providers. We enable users to participate in the underdeveloped high-end simulation space and to undertake high-value projects that were not previously feasible.


We are absolutely committed to the quality of our software and to the completeness of our solutions. 100%
We are honest, fair & friendly with each other; we are honest, fair & friendly with our customers. 100%
All ideas are worthy of consideration; we set aside time to pursue the best ideas. 100%


We have worked on many projects dealing with unsteady environmental flows. We worked with sea vessels, renewable energy devices, and turbulent flows in tidal channels.
We worked in aerospace and agriculture. We developed simulations for agricultural aviation technologies.
We work with major engineering companies and materials processing firms to help them better understand their process conditions & limitations.