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EXN/Aero Release Notes (2017-03-09)

Summary of Updates to EXN/Aero since last version on NIMBIX (2017-01-12)

Added Features:
– Added ‘Average_Static_Pressure’ option for outlet boundary conditions
– Added Alpha and Beta flags to structures for feature control in EXN/View
– Added negative volume check
– Added property user tables for thermal expansion, dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity
– Added exit condition, max & min iteration numbers for steady state
– Added SI ‘units’ attribute in XML structures
– Changes to pressure gradient at exit so it’s upwind
– Added cubic spline interpolation for 6DOF kinematic table interpolations
– Agglomeration of the unstructured mesh elements have been optimized using the binary tree growth method
– Improved volume calculation by making reference location the control volume center
– EX-932 Bug fix in uns Newton/Raphson iteration routine for T(h)
– EX-929 Bug fix in write_vtubin. Cell vtms were incorrectly written to the export boudnary vtm
– EX-940 Bug fix for inlet BC (Total Pressure and Turbulence Intensity), failed to set TKE
– EX-948 Bug fix in coef_intf_c2c_p_uns: Variable ‘c’ was not declared and initially set to 0.0 causing ap to get random values (incompressible flow)
– EX-949 Bug fix in coef_intf_c2c_uvw_uns: Deferred correction for advection was not used or only randomly added
– EX-995 Bug fixes for dependencies in options.xml
– EX-1032 bug fix for uns Jacobi solver
– EX-1029 Bug fix to cg_goto error

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