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EXN/Aero Release Notes

Summary of Updates to EXN/Aero since last version on NIMBIX (2016-11-25)

Added Features:
– Added support for ICEM and ANSYS unstructured cgns meshes
– Added support for zero thickness walls (When part of multiple zones) in ICEM meshes
– Added support for multiple sub-domain sources on the same cell block
– Added ability to specify turbulence intensity for inlet boundaries
– Added ability to scale outlet mass flow to promote conservation of mass
– Added ‘none’ option to output variable options
– Addded multiselect to database/variables
– Improved force/moment statistics for wall boundaries
– Improved handling of 2D dataset interpolation
– Improvements to calculation of bodyforces and gradients
– Improved body force treatment for Rhie-Chow implementation
– EX-793 Fixed bug in porous media momentum source that was creating streakiness in results
– EX-767 Fixed bug when restarting simulation with turbulence on when turbulence off in previous simulation
– EX-648 Fixed time-level update bug for deactivated equations
– EX-N/A Fixed bug in inlet turbulence option initial conditions
– EX-N/A Fixed bug in inlet turbulence option

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