Archive Version 1.2.01

Summary of Updates to EXN/Aero since last version on NIMBIX (2017-04-12)

Added Features:


– Improved unstructured Jacobi smoother within the Multigrid solver.

– Improved steady-state relaxation setting for general scalar transport equation.

– Improved the dependencies of the entries in the EXN/View.

– Improved the available options for the ‘Transient Output Variables’.

Bug fixes:

– Fixed the deferred correction scheme in the unstructured momentum interfaces.

– Added warnings for when no variables are being set in the ‘Transient Output Variables’ list.

– Corrections for the selectable options under the ‘Residual Option’  and ‘Residual RMS’ entries.

– Fixed turbulence intensity at the unstructured total inlet pressure boundary.

– Fixed initialization and property update for the compressible flow problems when solved on GPUs.

– Fixed an issue with the gas constant at an unstructured total pressure supersonic inlet boundary.


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