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EXN/Aero Release Notes (2017-05-8)
Summary of Updates to EXN/Aero since last version on NIMBIX (2017-04-21)

Added Features:
-Added negative volume check for mesh integrity
-Added RMS and MAX residual criteria for convergence control
-Added Specified Normal Velocity for inlet boundary condition
-Enabled restart from previous solution for Immersed Boundary condition
-Added Fixed Size Droplet Transport model
-Added diffusion coefficient options for DQMOM and Fixed Size Droplet Transport model

-Added option to allow regular inlet boundary condition when DQMOM or Fixed Size Droplet Transport model is active
-Removed the I/O file path length limitation

Bug fixes
-Bug fix to Sub-Domain sources “Droplet Deposition model” and “DQMOM Source Control” if both are activated for the same cell
-Bug fix to Sub-Domain source “Droplet Deposition model” for double precision cells

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