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EXN/Aero Release Notes (2017-05-18)
Summary of Updates to EXN/Aero since last version on NIMBIX (2017-05-8)

Added Features:

– Added option for pressure gradient at wall boundary

– Added RMS and MAX residual to sqlite data



– General scalar diffusion coefficient setting under the model parameters


Bug fixes:

– Fixed average static pressure at outlet when there are multiple patches in the mesh, so the averaging is across all patches.

– Fixed output variable list, some general scalar variables weren’t filtered out based on the settings.

– Fixed molecular diffusion coefficient for general scalar equation.  This most affected cases involving scalar transport in high density fluids such as water.

– Fixed error in energy equation turbulent diffusion coefficient. This most affected cases involving turbulent energy transport in high density fluids such as water.

– Fixed random negative volume error when [an element volume is a very small number.

– Fixed missing reference temperature when updating density through an ideal gas EOS (incompressible only).  This affected the predicted temperature distribution when energy is activated along with incompressible flow (and use of an ideal gas EOS).

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