Post Processing

What post-processing tools can be used with EXN/Aero’s output files (VTK,VTU)?

EXN/Aero makes use of the unmodified VTK libraries to format its solution output files. These are the native format used by Paraview, a highly-capable open-source data analysis and visualization tool. We highly recommend Paraview, but any other post processing tool that supports the VTK format should be compatible.

Can I output different parts of the solution at different frequencies?

EXN/Aero provides separate output files for the fluid blocks and for the boundaries. These are written to a directory each time the output subroutine is triggered (see Solver Control in the knowledge base).  The user can chose to export a specific boundary at a different frequency. This is useful when time resolution of surface fields (surface pressure for example) is of interest.

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