Aerospace companies need to remain cost competitive while delivering innovative products in a timely fashion. Conventional CFD runs tie up massive computing resources and simulations are typically greater than 100M control volumes. EXN / AERO can run a 150M node simulation on a 2 GPU desktop system.

Customer Types

Commercial aerospace manufacutrers, simulation mangers, device manufacturers


  • Modeling the specific impacts of the turbulence and its effects on aircraft components, wings, or hulls
  • Obtain data that would normally come from experimental testing at a fraction of the cost and time
  • See the aircrafts under various conditions for better maintenance and life-cycle predictions
  • Scale up and pilot model performance
  • Simulating the wake effects of other nearby aircrafts
  • Environmental impacts such as noise sources


  • Lift and drag models
  • Wake model analysis
  • Cyclic load and vortex shedding
  • Flow induced vibrations
  • Pressure fields on the hulls and wings
  • Horizontal loads on the device in various vertical positions
  • Acoustic source modeling