Environmental Flows


Real world environmental flows are challenging, complex and fundamentally unsteady. EXN/Aero’s speed enables us to do unsteady CFD simulations very quickly, and add value where steady-state simulations fall short.

Customer Types

Wind and water turbine manufacturers, Renewable energy engineers & designers, Turbine service firms, Site developers, Renewable energy groups, Tidal energy consultants, Sea cable service providers, Seabed equipment firms


  • Particle or sediment transport estimates
  • Thermal plume impact assessment
  • Chemical plume impact assessment
  • Wind loading on structures
  • Turbine maintenance predictions
  • Tidal turbine survivability evaluation
  • Tidal energy product prototyping & optimization
  • Acoustic source impact assessment
  • Impacts on marine life


  • Particle or pollutant concentration predictions
  • Tidal energy site characterization
  • Micrositing of turbines in planned developments
  • Acoustic source analysis simulations
  • Blade element modeling
  • Unsteady turbulence modeling