Manufacturers and processors can struggle with identifying the root causes of problems in their facilities or during transfer. Traditional physical tests don’t always show the entire picture, especially when the equipment or process is complex. Heat transfer, micro turbulence, dust transport, pressure zones, and air movement all play critical roles in affecting product consistency and quality.

Customer Types

Food and beverage manufacturers, commodity suppliers, material processors


  • Modeling the specific impacts of turbulence in complex machinery or mixing devices
  • Evaluate micro climates or micro zones within processes
  • Obtain data that would normally come from experimental testing at a fraction of the cost and time
  • Scale up and pilot model performance
  • Environmental impacts such as noise sources and air dispersion, building air re-entrance
  • Dust accumulation and ignition, air flow pathways in and outside the plant


  • Spraying models
  • Turbulence modelling
  • Thermal maps & thermal transfer
  • Particle concentrations
  • Pressure zone mapping
  • Spill transport
  • Emissions & air quality dispersion
  • Cyclic load and vortex shedding
  • Flow induced vibrations