Seaports & Seaways


Seaports and seaways are faced with several problems such as ship noise, sedimentation, reduction of water quality, spills and contaminant transport, high dredging costs, and shoreline erosion.

Customer Types

Seaports and Seaways


  • Sedimentation analysis
  • Better evidence and visuals for environmental accredidation
  • Spill flow transport
  • Shoreline analysis
  • Erosion models
  • Contaminant flow models
  • Visualizing the effects of new infrastructure
  • Optimizing canal lock suction timing
  • Stronger material for securing federal or private funding
  • Visual marketing materials
  • Helping visiting captains understand harbor flow dynamics


  • Maneuvering forces
  • Sediment transport
  • Erosion models
  • Acoustic source modeling
  • Mitigation of environmental noise pollution
  • Contaminant transportation