Simulation Services

We can help with our fluid mechanics & simulation expertise

Whether you have a simulation in mind or need help developing one based on a scope, we can evaluate your requirements and deliver a working solution to help accelerate your design, speed up project approval, and facilitate end-consumer purchasing decisions.

Envenio’s team includes experienced fluid mechanics researchers and engineers skilled in the use of CFD. Our capable group has experience in many simulation fields and maintain a very high level of simulation satisfaction. We are available to meet high expectations, and we enjoy applying our technology to in new spaces.

Our technology enables us to turn around work quickly. Faster simulations mean higher accuracy, larger parametric studies and the ability to investigate flow unsteadiness. Our solution’s speed also impacts the simulation setup phase. We are able to run setup test activities much quicker than other solutions, meaning we’re able to address provisioning problems faster and get your simulation started in less time.

EXN/Aero is a valuable supplement for your CFD process in computationally-demanding applications, but we recognize that such applications often require a specialized model or approach. With this in mind, EXN/Aero is designed for customizability and modularity. Our engineers can include custom models to meet the needs of your unique applications, and dovetail them with the high-performance computing focus at the core of our software.

CFD simulations can help you better communicate your ideas by translating complex engineering concepts into simple images and reduced data sets. These can help you create richer, more robust marketing materials, and more convincing business cases.

Simulation results are generated by our solver in open-source formats, and we do all of our analyses using standard post-processing tools. We believe in producing rigorous, relevant results that our clients can easily access, test and analyze in new ways.

Simulations on Demand

Grow Faster

Want to expand your simulation capabilities but are limited on equipment? Work with us on your growth projects. We can help you deliver more simulations in less time.

Prototype Now

Running physical prototype tests can be expensive and time consuming. Our simulation expertise can help you optimize the prototype and minimize the number of iterations before the design hits the factory.


We can validate the models you have already run, or help you discover & develop better ones. We can work with your files to quickly run additional scenarios.

Save Time

Don’t want to wait to setup a new computing system? Have us run your simulations. We have resources in place today to start simulations immediately.

Stay Lean

Why invest in the hardware when we have these systems in place today. More hardware means additional IT support, overhead, and issue diagnostics.

Upgrade Your Marketing

Many clients use their simulation models as marketing material for attracting investment, bringing on more customers, and educating stakeholders how and why their product has value.